2013 > Photo

This is an untitled series of photographs that I collaborated with photographer, Julia Nichols. For 11 years I had dreadlocks down to my waist. Five months ago I started the long process of combing them out. I did not want to shave my head, which I was told was the only way to get rid of dreads. It seemed too sudden a shift and I wasn't quite ready to part with them. So I bought several combs and slowly started combing out the years of tangles I had created. It was very therapeutic and something that I do not regret.

My decision to comb our my dreads, after all those years, was because I no longer wanted them to define me. I very much felt like my hair was my most identifiable quality and I wanted people to see me for more than just my hair. This series of photos (which is still in progress) documents the several stages of me combing them out. I plan to use 2013 to draw larger-than-life portraits from these photos. Stay tuned!!